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Alkaline Water For Pets

All You need to know about Alkasis Water

Promise Lee, owner of Altitude K9 Services, located in Colorado Springs, CO has been specializing in high level training and breeding dogs for nearly four decades.

Over time, people in this profession try various techniques and state of the art approaches to ensure they get best reproduction and performance possible in breedings and continued quality of dogs. At Altitude K9, we do selective breeding, meaning that we

Want to increase the odds of reproducing and enhancing the best attributes, traits and proclivities in a dog. Genetics is always a primary factor but over the last couple of years, we have found an amazing thing that complements our selective breeding program, Alkaline Electrolysis

Yes proper diet and supplements are important. Let’s also not discount the obvious, health is not enhanced or fixed by just one thing. I believe it requires a combination of factors to gain better health. Keep in mind that water is a necessary nutrient for life so in this article lets focus on water.

Based on my experience Alkaline Electrolysis WATER is key.

Fresh Water

Fresh water and proper access to water is extremely important, specifically the Alkasis WATER. My dogs and puppies, have shown significant improvement in overall

general health, bone structure, weight, intelligence, strength competition performance and endurance.

We conducted an experiment. The sire was the same for both females that were quite identical in size temperament and of course age- they were litter mates. With one litter, I used Alkaline water and the other litter, regular tap water. The Alkaline litter was 1 week younger but significantly larger, with shiny coats and extremely advanced for their age. Puppies from both litters were tracked and although both litters were exceptional the “Alkaline litter” excelled even more. Yes this was just a small experiment and of course more measurable factors could have been applied but never the less the outcome proved, in this case , that the Alkaline water made a positive difference. More to come…

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